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Visit Futuristic's website here: http://www.onlyfuturistic.com/

Growing up around music it was inevitable that Futuristic would be a natural. His dad being the towns top DJ and  drummer and his brothers writing songs and playing guitar led him to make the decision to be an artist at a very young age. He wrote his first raps at the age of six  and hasn't looked back since. Born in Illinois but moved to Arizona in high school, Futuristic's flow seems to be just as hot as his surroundings. 
His album "The Rise" released on May 12th 2015 debuted at #2 on Itunes and #9 on Hip-Hop Billboard charts. He has been touring virtually non-stop over the last 3 years headlining his own tours and supporting acts with a wide variety of fanbases. His fast witty lyrics mixed with substance and relatable subject matter has gained him his own cult following all as an independent artist. Futuristic takes pride in his creativity and versatility using his words to inspire his fans and let them know that anything is truly possible.
In the Fall of 2015, Futuristic was featured on A Great Big World single, "Hold Each Other" which led him to National television performances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, VH1 Streamy Awards and performing for the Vice President Joe Biden & CEO of Apple Tim Cook for the HRC National Dinner in Washington D.C.
Shortly after that he released a joint album with artist/friend Devvon Terrell which sold over 40,000 copies and premiered in all categories of billboard for the first two weeks & also hit #2 on Itunes Catapulting Devvon's solo career & boosting an already prosperous career of his own. 
In 2016, Futuristic hit the internet heavy with all sorts of viral content, a new project titled "As Seen on the Internet" & headlined his first ever solo world tour selling out shows from Seattle to Australia! 
In 2017 he released another album called "Blessings" with lead singles "Epiphany" & "Talk" with guest verses from NF & Tech N9ne. Outside of music he has found much success in the business world. His clothing line Sheeeshworld is distributed in over 50 different retail stores. He is the brand ambassador of the Phoenix Suns, owns a clothing store, released a digital book, runs a recording studio and has 2 other artist (Rachelle Maust & Marquel Deljuan) under his WTF imprint also accumulating major sponsorships from Reshoev8er and Timeless Vapes. 
In 2018 He continues to release singles and get millions of streams and views. A now veteran in the music industry is still growing in all walks of life and embodying the definition of being an independent artist.
Visit Marquel Deljuan's website here: http://www.marqueldeljuan.com/

Surrounded by music his entire life, Marquel Deljuan remembers his love of Hip-hop music was developed by watching rap battles. Born into a family of artist and musicians, Marquel eventually, learned to appreciate constantly being at the studio.

“Unless you’re making music,” he said, “the studio is not really a fun place at nine, ten years old. I was bored all the time.”

While Marquel Deljuan would dabble at writing rhymes, that boredom eventually turned into a newfound energy and passion, which caught the attention of the independent newly formed imprint Sheeesh World headed by Futuristic.

When it comes to music, Deljuan knows the importance of “doing your homework” as well as the culture of Hip-hop. “Hip hop is love. Hip-hop music is the most listened to genre now. That’s crazy to even think about,” Marquel admits. “People think that it is negative, but it’s about love.”

Hip-hop also is about a spectrum of styles. Growing up in Maryvale, a west Phoenix area once considered as a high-crime community, Deljuan’s musical tastes were a mix of East Coast and West Coast sounds — Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and Big Pun to Xzibit, Dr Dre and Snoop.

“There’s a lot of music I listened to including Lil’ Wayne as well as Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. And I’m feeling Anderson.Paak’s vibe. It’s inspirational,” says Deljuan, who is now more concentrated on his own music. “But no matter what type of rapper you want to be, just pay homage. Don’t disrespect the legends.”

Deljuan’s formula will be something similar to what he feels Kendrick Lamar has perfected. “It’s about appealing to those you wouldn’t normally appeal to, and to bridge gaps by giving people what they want and what they need at the same time. I will get people who don’t listen or won’t listen, to listen and then to do something for the better.”

“I don’t want people to think of me as a threat,” says Deljuan, who enjoys performing with a live band and becoming more comfortable with the stage. “I’m about networking and sharing the love. Everybody eats. I want their respect and for them to say ‘he’s a cool dude.’ But I want people’s attention. I want people to know that I’m going to take over… as humbly as I can say that.”

Marquel Deljuan has learned humility not only in fighting for justice and freedom but in fighting for himself through his lyrics.



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