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Purpose In The Youth - Episode 23 - William Bolton


Episode 23: Early in his career William Bolton was told, “spend 100% of your time on the music & when the music is dope everything else will come” & that's exactly what he did. After growing up in and attending high school in Detroit, Michigan, he headed east to attend Boston College. Even while working 9-to-5 at a marketing internship during his freshman year summer, Willy B would be cooking up beats in his basement till 2am. He passed out 1,000 free copies of his music to the students at BC & in doing so met his drummer Vicky Stix. Putting his phone number out to the public led him to connect with Hoodie Allen, who he opened up for in Europe on his first tour ever, and eventually was producing records for him. All of this would not have been possible without his parents, who taught him hard work & who were open to supporting his passions. Learn about how he built two guitars, his plan to play in Cairo, Egypt in front of 50,000 people & one superpower he wish he had.



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